Holly Jolly Christmas!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

We had an awesome Christmas! Next week is my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary Party. My sister and her family is coming up from Houston and other family from around. I am really excited! YEA!

Little update, my nephew is doing so much better! Its amazing to me how quickly kids heal! Here are some cute pics of my brother holding Kad while he slept on him! It was so precious!

Eventful Day..err...Week

Friday, December 19, 2008

It has been an eventful week to say the least! Caleb woke up on Sunday and was really sick. We took him to the Dr on Monday and he had croup! No fun for anyone involved. He also had fluid on his ears(not an infection yet) so they put him on antiibiotics. He's over all that for now but now he is cutting his top two teeth! More fun for everyone! But life is good in the Cokenour home.

Well this morning I was all ready to go spend some much needed quality time with Aunt Megan (despite Caleb's fairly foul mood) and I get a call from my sister. She was walking down some steps at her apartment on her way to take him the the babysitter and her foot slipped. He fell out of her arms and tumbled down the concrete flight of steps! Ambulance ride to Cook's, xrays and MRI's, and a couple liver tests, he is all good! Just the worst busted lip ever and some cuts and bruises but he is fine! Praise the God! It could have been horrible! Here are a few pics to remind us to be careful when we are trying to be Superwoman and carry 10 thousand things and our children. Accidents happen!

Horton Hears a Who

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Caleb never ceases to amaze me! Horton Hears a Who came out on video and I rented it while at WalMart today in hopes that Caleb and I could have a movie day since its really cold out. I put the movie on and was doing some stuff in the kitchen when I turned to check on him...here is the video of what I saw:

I have the pillows there to minimize head injuries! Hope this makes your day like it did mine!

Laugh Out Loud!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Caleb is starting to throw fits! Serious fits, especially during diaper time. Not fun at all. Well today was an especially good one and it was time for naptime. He must have cried and played on and off for about an hour before I heard silence. I went to cover him because I put him to bed pantless to avoid further fit throwing. What I saw made me literally laugh out loud! He fell asleep sitting up, slumped over into his bumper, holding his feet! HAHA! Here is the proof!

Oh and ps, I fixed his bed so he cant chew on the wood anymore. I looked at some of the products that were recommended (thanks girls) but I decided to make my own contraption. Here is what I came up with....

Handpainted signs!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hey guys! I started a blog to display my work! If you are interested in one or would like me to paint something for your childs room, living room, or for a gift just let me know! Also there is an open house this Friday at my friend Misty's house. There will be artisans from all around there to sell their work! There will be things like decorative candles, picture frames, signs, crosses, etc... I will send an email out to all my LifeGroup bible study girls but if you want info comment me your email and I will include you! It will be a blast! My new blog is: http://p31creations.blogspot.com/

Wagon rides, deer and other mischief

Monday, November 10, 2008

Well first of all everyday is an adventure here in the Cokenour home! The other night I put Caleb to bed and he was not very happy about that. So I had the monitor near me and had it turned down so I could see the lights and see if he was still crying. The lights were flashing for a long time so I decided to turn it up and see what the damage was. I heard a whole lot of banging and not a whole lot of crying so I went to check on him and this is what I found...

Yea that would be the monitor. I think Lindsay is right, I may have a long road ahead of me...sigh...:-)

Saturday we went out to Millsap to viisit family and so DanE could hunt. While he was gone I watched Payton and Gracie and we took Caleb and Gracie out in the wagon. Here are a few cute pics...

Last but not least, DanE killed a 10 point buck! He also killed a doe. (which has a really sad story to go with it that I will spare you the tears I cried!) He dropped them off to get processed and soon we will feast on the deer jerky, backstrap, chili, and whatever else you can make with deer. Here are a couple pics!

Mystery scratches...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

When I went to get Caleb from his bed this morning I noticed there were some scratches on his crib that I have never noticed before. I started looking a little closser trying to figure out what in the world was going on when I noticed something very interesting. I noticed there was a distinct two line pattern. I tried to think of what could make this pattern then it all came to me. Caleb has two teeth on the bottom row and he has been pulling up on things in the living room. But I have never seen him pull up on his crib and succeed. I had to investigate. When he was about to wake up from his first nap today I went in ready with my camera. This is what I found.....he is eating his crib! Now Caleb is big for his age and loves to eat and I am pretty sure that if I dont find a way to stop the madness his beautiful crib will soon be toothpicks! Hahaha! What should I do?!?!

History and Sovereignty

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves." Romans 13:1-2

Whether you voted for Obama or you voted against him, tonight we as a country have made history. Tonight we can mourn and be disappointed but as of tomorrow, as Christians we have a choice to make. We have to choose to respect, pray for, and submit to his authority. It is commanded by God. God has all authority in all the earth, and he chooses to whom he bestows authority in the earth. Please take some time and pray for Obama and his family, for now they face the challenge that can only be overcome with the guidance of our Lord.

When I say pray for the guidance, I also say pray for protection. A short 55 years ago Africans were considered separate but equal. A mere 44 years ago African Americans were given the right to vote. There are many African Americans that voted in this election that endured the hardships that came with separate schools, water fountains, separated buses, and senseless violence and much more. There are still people today who think that that is the America that we need to have today. Ignorant as that may be, people are blind. Pray for protection for the Obama's from these people that may scheme to harm and destroy. Now November 4, 2008 we have seen a complete 180 degree turn from the slavery that plagued our country and ended in 1865. Pray. Pray. Pray. God is good all the time and His ways are not our ways. He has a master plan and our faith in Him and his sovereignty will get us through.

Halloween time!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Halloween started when I got ti watch Kaddliac my nephew. I got to dress him up for a fall fest at my parents church. Victoria and sherry came and picked him up and Victoria lokked great! She was a cute little flapper! What a neat night! With DanE's job our options were limited. We wanted to go somewhere close to his work so that we could enjoy the night as a family. I got Caleb all dressed up and drove to meet DanE at his work. When we got there he wanted to take him around and show him off to some of the people that he knows. We dressed him up as a sock money and he was the cutest little sock monkey ever! We lef this work when he got off and went to meet Grammy and Pappy at the Clark Gardens. It was such a sweet little place! If you have never been there you should take a trip. The garden is beautiful and if you have little ones they have a new train station with model trains that travel around a model town of Mineral Wells back in its prime! It was so neat! Afterwards we went to El Paseo's to eat and we gave Caleb his first sucker! He was obsessed! After a few minutes he dropped in on the floor and you would have thought that the sky just fell on him! So sad but it was great! Here a few pics of our fun night!

Abortion and the Election

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just thought that with early voting, everyone should be taking the time to get to know the candidates if you havent already done so. This is a great blog that a friend linked to on her blog. I am not trying to start a Pro-life, Pro-choice debate but everyone needs to make an informed decison and decide what "evils" they are voting for when they choose a candidate. McCain isnt perfect, but when someone values life, I value them. Read up!

Randy Alcorn is a respected Christian author. You can read about his credentials on the web...


Good Times!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Today was little man's first day in the park! We had fun on the swings, the slides, and the grass. Caleb really likes the grass and it was all good until....wait for it....he grabbed dried out DOG POOP!!! YUK!!!!!!! Disgusting! Isn't there some kind of law against leaving your animals POOO in the grass! If I ever have a dog, and take him for a walk, and he poops on the grass, I will surely bring some bags to dispose of it properly. I urge all of you to do the same! Nobody wants poo hands!
PS. I did get my hair done today for those of you wondering about the brunette locks!

Aunt Megan!

It's the POOOO!

Love those eyes!

I'm Hungry!!! Haha!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ok so this is an actual blog! I promise not to turn this into another YouTube but this commercial should be watched! Enjoy and smile!

Who am I?!?! (Not as profound as it sounds)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is going to be one of those videos that I will watch when I need to laugh! Seriously hilarious!

House & God's Will

Friday, September 26, 2008

Well for all those who knew that we put an offer on a house about 2 months ago, here's the update. We didn't get it. DanE and I both know that if God wanted us in this house we would have gotten it, but it is still a little disappointing. I guess it's back to the search! If anyone knows of a house or land for sale, please let me know! Also, please pray for us! I most definately need patience. Love you guys.

Mom to Mom

Monday, September 22, 2008

This one is dedicated to a truly amazing friend! Megan really doesnt get enough credit for the awesome woman that she is. Chad left today for Houston for an entire month. She called me, and Caleb has been upset and going through some awful phase. Megan, not only absorbed my verbal vomit, as if she didnt have issues of her own, gave me some amazing advice and then she met me at Target for some shopping then Chick-fil-a for some lunch and entertainment. And by entertainment I mean Caleb with a Biter-Biscuit. Anyone who has seen a child with one of these wonderful inventions knows what I mean by entertainment. Thank you Megan and I love you more than you will ever realize!I am so very blessed to have women in my life that have been where I am right now and can give me pointers. The Lord knows I need them! I am also very blessed to have women in my life that are right where I am right now that can relate immediately to the new experinces. I dont have it all together and I am not going to boast but it is beyond me why some women are too prideful to take advice from other women. Especially moms. I know that there are times that you really dont want to ask anyone because you dont want to look stupid. We ARE born with some intution but we are not, ARE NOT born baby experts and we definately do not automatically get the natural how-to novel embedded in our brain as soon as we are with child. I am a new mom and I know so many women that are new moms or about to be new moms. Please, please if you need help ask someone. Nobody can tell you exactly what to do in every situation, most of motherhood is trial and error I am currently convinced, but it so nice to have what others have done as a go to when you are at your wits end! I love you guys and happy day to all of you.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Needless to say, our first family vacation was an adventure! The view from our condo was beautiful but the condo itself could have used a little work. We got to swim and play in the sand, all the while watching Ike and wondering when and if it would effect us. It obviously wasnt stressing Caleb out too much!
Caleb had lots of firsts including tasting lemon for the first time!
We had been glued to the Weather Channel all week and it looked like Ike was headed right for us! By Wednesday we were the only people in the whole condo. The staff was trying to get us to leave without actually asking us. We were determined to stay just a little longer. Until they decided that they needed to put all the patio furniture in the condo with us. That did it! We packed up on Wednesday and started heading out. We knew we needed to atleast get off the island because of evacuating the ferry line would be ridiculous and the tide was already coming in and the road might be under water if we waited too long. So we braved to long, long ferry line and got into Rockport. Everyone was boarding up. All the signs outside resturants had clever little sayings about Ike.. We didnt get to Rockport until about 7:00 pm so we decided to stay there for the night and leave in the morning. We were the only ones in those condos as well. Ike still looked like it was headed for us and it was a weird feeling thinking that in the next few days a hurricane was headed right where we were! Crazy! Well when we woke up on Thursday morning Ike had turned and was facing toward Galveston/Houston area. I am not gonna lie, I actually was thinking that since we were out of immediate danger we should stay and get the rest of our vacation in. Then I returned to my senses and started packing up. We left and headed home. Caleb pretty much slept holding onto his puppy.
While DanE and I drove and talked..

My sis and her hubby live in College Station and were not sure how bad it was going to get there so they drove up and stayed till Sunday. We had lots of fun! I wantedd to get Caleb a shirt that said "I survived Ike!" for a keepsake for his first vacation but I guess he was actually an evacuee for his first vacation! Rock on!

Beautiful nieces!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have the most beautiful nieces! Mackenzie is the oldest and Kennedy is the baby! I love them!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family Pictures!