Halloween time!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Halloween started when I got ti watch Kaddliac my nephew. I got to dress him up for a fall fest at my parents church. Victoria and sherry came and picked him up and Victoria lokked great! She was a cute little flapper! What a neat night! With DanE's job our options were limited. We wanted to go somewhere close to his work so that we could enjoy the night as a family. I got Caleb all dressed up and drove to meet DanE at his work. When we got there he wanted to take him around and show him off to some of the people that he knows. We dressed him up as a sock money and he was the cutest little sock monkey ever! We lef this work when he got off and went to meet Grammy and Pappy at the Clark Gardens. It was such a sweet little place! If you have never been there you should take a trip. The garden is beautiful and if you have little ones they have a new train station with model trains that travel around a model town of Mineral Wells back in its prime! It was so neat! Afterwards we went to El Paseo's to eat and we gave Caleb his first sucker! He was obsessed! After a few minutes he dropped in on the floor and you would have thought that the sky just fell on him! So sad but it was great! Here a few pics of our fun night!


Pennie said...

what a perfect little monkey!!!!
how much fun!
and its funny you said that about the grapefruit and tatas!
i thought the same thing but i didnt want to say anything and offend anyone!
miss you guys

April :) said...

What a cutie!!! I think we have the same sword you guys have in the picture. I think that's the one we got at The Medieval Times dinner theatre thing in Dallas. Glad to hear you guys had a great time. :)

Alison, Jake and Addison Bean said...

a sock monkey! what a great idea. I love unique costumes. I was too lazy and Addie ended up being a pumpkin. A cute one at least!

The Davis' said...

Great costume! Glad you guys had fun and could do it as a family. Your more fun then us... we still haven't given Bryant candy (he doesn't know what he's missing, right?).