Please Help

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am sitting here thinking about motherhood and feeling pretty inadequate. Caleb has always been a little on the aggressive side, but it is getting a little out of hand. Between spankings, biting him back, timeouts and a few "talkings to" I am at my wits end. I even gave his pacifier back to him so that he would be less likely to bite people. I dont know what to do to help him. I am nervous every time I take him to church or he is around other kids thinking "What if he bites someone? What if he hits someone?" What makes it worse is that he is starting KDO in 2 weeks! I am not going to lie I am freaking out a little. I have prayed and prayed that God would help him be less aggressive. Can you guys pray for him? He is not a mean kid! If you know him, you know that he is sweet and that he loves to hug and kiss and play and have fun. I am afraid that he is going to have a stigma as "that kid who bites everyone" or "that kid who hits everyone". Please friends. Pray.