Abortion and the Election

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just thought that with early voting, everyone should be taking the time to get to know the candidates if you havent already done so. This is a great blog that a friend linked to on her blog. I am not trying to start a Pro-life, Pro-choice debate but everyone needs to make an informed decison and decide what "evils" they are voting for when they choose a candidate. McCain isnt perfect, but when someone values life, I value them. Read up!

Randy Alcorn is a respected Christian author. You can read about his credentials on the web...



The Doty's said...

hey thanks for the link...i agree people need to read up on their elects...its not all about race or gender.

Stephanie and Daneel said...

I'm glad you posted the link. If you go back to his blog - http://randyalcorn.blogspot.com he has written a couple of follow ups to that first post that are long but worth reading as well.