House & God's Will

Friday, September 26, 2008

Well for all those who knew that we put an offer on a house about 2 months ago, here's the update. We didn't get it. DanE and I both know that if God wanted us in this house we would have gotten it, but it is still a little disappointing. I guess it's back to the search! If anyone knows of a house or land for sale, please let me know! Also, please pray for us! I most definately need patience. Love you guys.


Pennie and Colby Langford said...

hey girl!
i know EXACTLY how you are feeling!!!
we put 2 offers down on 2 different houses before we got this one.
i never knew how normal it was for this to happen till it happened to us.
keep your head up!
i PROMISE, from experience, god has a plan!
now looking back, we thank god we ended up in the home we did.
i think that's probably why it is so hard to say good-bye to this place!
i will pray for you, but i know god has your best interest in mind.
love ya!

Kapka Family said...

It is so frustrating! Continue to seek Him and I will pray for contentment in your current house and patience and His timing in finding your new house!!!

The Davis' said...

It will happen!!! Keep telling yourself that because it will. We looked for 2 years and placed 2 other offers before we got our house. We knew at the time (although it was still hard) that God had something else for us and at the end of it all we can say GOD IS GOOD!!!! Hang in there....