Friday, January 2, 2009

My Grandparent's 50th Wedding anniversary party is tomorrow and so I have much of my family in town. My sister and her family, my Aunt Becky and Uncle Scott with Natalie from Colorado, my Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Randy with their kids Johnny and Brian, and we will see many more tomorrow! I love times like this where you spend late nights playing games like Yatzee eating lots of good food and laughing until you cry! Karissa and I also enjoy a little Karaoke. We were listening to the 90's music channel playing games and my sister and I were jammin' out to some of the songs that were playing. DanE and my brother in law Matt caught some of the shennanigans on video that I will be keeping under lock and key FOREVER! haha! Bribe material all the way! Today we went to ride the train by the zoo. It was beautiful and such a blast! Here are some pics from our time thus far!