50 Years and Going Strong

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It is a little unbelieveable and very impressive that two people can stay together that long in this world and still show love and affection toward each other. I have such respect and love for them and the example that they have set for our family. Not saying that anyone is perfect, but they love God more than anything and strive to serve and obey Him with all their heart.

Not only that, but they love and take care of their family, they are great examples of having a servants heart and they are fun to be around to boot! Now that's awesome! A little history on my Papa and Gege (that's what they are known as around here!).My Papa was a Church of Christ Preacher for many years and my Gege is an RN. They have been serving in the mission field in Africa for many, many years. They have seen and led many people to Christ. My Gege has set up clinics and helped countless people heal and tries to teach them to take care of themselves. They have started churches, schools (my Gege even has a school named after her!), set up training to give people something to strive for and feel like they have accomplished something, and much, much more. It's amazing to me that just two people who are willing to say yes to God can make such a big difference in His name. And I haven't even mentioned the difference they have made here in the USA! They have taught us what it is to follow Christ whole heartedly. They have taught us that staying together is work. They have taught us about Jesus. They have shown us unconditional love. I love you Gege and Papa. Congratulations on 50 wonderful years.