Today is a Good Day

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Caleb seems like he is back to his old self again! Laughing and smiling and just being an all around sweetie pie. I am not happy that he has thrush but I am happy that it was actually something. I was starting to think that maybe I was spoiling him.

We are going on vacation in a couple weeks. I am so ready for a break! We are going to Port Aransas for a few days then to Rockport for a few days. We are staying at the Mayan Princess. It is really beautiful and I cant wait to get Caleb in the water! Here is the website if you want to see it! We also are trying to plan to go to Cabo next June. My brother is getting married down there and they traded in soe time shares so we get to stay for a week free! Plane tickets is the objective now so if anyone knows of the cheapest way to go please fill us in. We dont fly very often.

I hear Caleb is getting up from his nap so I will go for now. Praise God for healing his little body!


Alison, Jake & Addison Bean said...

I'm glad Caleb is feeling better! I know what you mean about spoiling the baby... I'm glad you had an explanation for his fussiness. Sometimes I think I'm spoiling Addie but I guess we just do our best and trust God to take care of them. What are you doing tomorrow when the boys are fantasizing about football???

April :) said...

I love your new layout...very cute! See you are hitting the ground running with this blog thing. It took me awhile to figure out how to change my background...but this is very cute!

Alison, Jake & Addison Bean said...

ya... you'll have to show me how you made yours look so pretty.