New House!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I say its a house because we are in the process of making it feel like a home! It is definitely getting there! Let me first say that this house is a total gift from God! He is the reason we got it and we are VERY thankful! I am going to post some pics, but know that we are far from done! It has only been two weeks and for those of you with a child and have moved, you know what it is to make SLOW progress! Here ya go!

Front of the house!

Bonus of my cutie!

Kitchen...notice the poopie pants hanging on the trash! Need to wash! Gross!

Back porch

Hallway, notice the curtains on the be hung!

Living room from the dining room

Living room from front entryway



Dining room


The Doty's said...

girl! that is one sexy house!! congrats...its so much fun being a home owner!!!

The Davis' said...

Yeah!!! I'm so excited for you guys. The house is gorgeous and the fact that it is yours makes it even better. You are right across the highway from us now... maybe we'll see you more!?

The Gray Gang said...

did i mention i love the levi shirt 4 obvious reasons!